HiPEAC Paper Award for LIS paper at DAC 2023

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The HiPEAC steering committee has awarded our DAC 2023 paper on IPC acceleration a HiPEAC Paper Award. The paper is titled "HAWEN: Hardware Accelerator for Thread Wake-Ups in Linux Event Notification" and Lars Nolte presented it at this year's Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco, CA. The paper was jointly published by TUM-LIS staff members with our cooperation partners from HUAWEI Technologies Grenoble, France and Nanjing, China, respectively. The complete list of auhors is Lars Nolte, Tim Twardzik, Camille Jalier, Zhigang Huang, Jiyuan Shi, Clara Kowalsky, Thomas Wild and Andreas Herkersdorf. The paper can be found here.

The paper covers the optimization of Linux event notifications by offloading specific functionality to a harware accelerator as part of a multi-processer System-on-Chip (MPSoC). The evalautions showed that HAWEN can reach up to 80% faster thread wake-up times and a 53% shorter event-generating syscall compared to the conventional software-only approach.

The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is (one of) the most important conferences in the area of designing electronc systems or chips und optiomizing the associated process. More information on DAC can be found here.

HiPEAC (High Performance, Edge And Cloud computing) is a major platform for researchers, industry, and policy in the area of computing systems and with currently more  than 2,000 specialists the biggest in Euorpe. More information on HiPEAC can be found here