Doctoral Seminar

In the yearly doctoral seminar the doctoral candidates of the chair present the status of their work.
The presentations are open to TUM members.


11.03.2024 14:00 N2128 Jonas Kantic Reservoir Computing with Cellular Automata: Analysis and Implementation
11.03.2024 15:30 N2128 Tim Twardzik Hardware-assisting the Linux Scheduler to Improve Inter-process Communication
11.03.2024 16:00 N2128 Lars Nolte Hardware Assistance for Thread Wake-Ups in Linux IPC Mechanisms
04.04.2024 10:00 N2128 Marco Liess SmartNICs for 6G Networks: Development and Testing Platform
04.04.2024 10:30 N2128 Klajd Zyla Fast, Flexible and Priority-Aware Packet Processing for High-Performance Network Hardware
18.04.2024 13:30 N2133 Oliver Lenke Concept and Implementation of a Memory Prefetching Mechanism
22.04.2024 11:00 N2128 Anmol Surhonne Learning Classifier Tables (LCTs) for runtime SoC performance power optimization: Improvements and Enhancements
23.04.2024 10:00 N2128 William Wulff HyperNIC for Resilience in Network Communication
08.05.2024 11:00 N2128 Franz Biersack Saving Energy in Compute Nodes through SmartNIC-based Load Balancing of Mixed-Critical Ethernet Traffic