Research internship

Rosenthal's Canal segmentation (27.06.2023)

There are a number of high-definition scans of human inner ears currently available at the BAI chair. Those are employed to simulate the electrical excitability of the auditory nerve using cochlear implants. For those simulations, however, the correct positioning of the neuronal cell bodies (somata) is essential.

The task of the research internship is to segment the Rosenthal's Canal in scans of the human inner ear, as it defines the positions of the somata. Furthermore, an analysis and comparison of the Rosenthal's Canal's morphology with existing literature is desirable.

Basic knowledge of the anatomy of the human inner ear and auditory nerve are desired. Knowledge in segmentation (3DSlicer) is desired, but not necessary. Currently available scans without Rosenthal's Canal segmentation: 3

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