20.04.2022: Our industry partner PATH MEDICAL offers a student position : Hardware Development for a simplified hearing screener

08.03.2022: Congratulations to Ali Saeedi, he has defended his PhD thesis "Investigation of Temporal Integration in Cochlear Implant Users Using Electrically-Evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses"!

01.07.2021: Sonja Karg appointed Professor for Biomedical Engineering at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt! Congratulations and we wish you a good start in your new position!

07.05.2021: Our team receives Medical Valley Award
For their project on developing novel probes for objective hearing-screenings the interdisciplinary research group of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Hemmert, Andrej Voss (Bio-Inspired Information Processing at MIBE), Nils Heitmann (Chair of Realtime Computer Systems) and Prof. Dr. med. Hans Peter Niedermeyer (Comprehensive Ear & Hearing Center at the Klinikums rechts der Isar) received the Medical Valley Award.
The Medical Valley Award from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy addresses research projects in the healthcare sector that have the potential to become spin-offs and supports the winners in their pre-founding phase with 250.000 Euros over two years.

10.04.2019: Congratulations to Ingeborg Hochmair, Blake Wilson and Graeme Clark on the recpetion of the Lasker DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for the development of the modern cochlear implant.

27.06.2017: The European Acoustics Association (EAA) honored Prof. Hugo Fastl for his lifetime achievement in Research and Teaching in the field of psychoacoustics with the EAA AWARD for Lifetme Achievements in Acoustics. Congratulations! (Details).

22.01.2016: We are happy to announce that the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung will support Dr. Siwei Bai with a research grant for two years. The grant includes an additional two months for language training.

12.6.2015: The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) continues to support our project "Hochpräzise Verarbeitung zeitlicher Information in neuronalen Netzwerken des auditorischen Hirnstamms und ihre Störung nach Hörverlust" for three more years (within the program "Ultrafast and temporally precise information processing: normal and dysfunctional hearing" (SPP 1608), where 5.2 Mio € support a total of 21 projects.

15.8.2014: New technology for the handicapped (TV report SAT1 Bayern).

01.12.2013: Short video: Computational models of the brain's neuronal sound processing help improve cochlear implants (Prof. Werner Hemmert).


27.4.2010: Huan Wang, PhD student at Infineon Technologies and the group of Prof. Werner Hemmert at TUM, won the prize of the China Scholarship Council for his outstanding performance in his PhD studies. This award was founded by the Chinese government in 2003 with the purpose of rewarding the academic excellence of self-financed Chinese students studying overseas. The prize comes with a financial reward of 5000 US$. Congratulations!

20.3.2010: Sonja Karg, PostDoc in the Bio-Inspired Information Processing group, TUM, won the prize of the German Society for Audiology (DGA) for the best scientific talk in the Junior Symposium 2010. The title of her presentation was "Temporal pulse interaction due to neuronal dynamics in cochlear implants". Measurements for her research were conducted in patients with cochlear implants in close collaboration with the ENT-hospital rechts der Isar in Munich. The award comes with 500 € prize money.