We study computational neuroscience, spiking neuronal networks in the auditory brainstem, and novel electrical and optical stimulation methods for hearing implants. Our scientific approaches include combining methods from information theory and classification theory to analyze models of the inner ear. We also conduct measurements to investigate the excitation of auditory neurons in human subjects with cochlear implants and with neuronal networks cultured on multi-electrode arrays.


  • Auditory information processing (Inner-ear modeling, Information Coding)
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Model-based evaluation of auditory coding, for example spatial hearing
  • Electrical and optical stimulation of neurons
  • Coding strategies for cochlear implants


  • Microsystemtechnology and micromechanics
  • Perceptual evaluation of cochlear-implant coding strategies

Funded Projects

Publicly Available Tools

  • Inner ear models (Python)
  • Computational models of the globular bushy cells in the ventral cochlear nucleus (Model)
  • Thorns: Spike analysis and signal generation (Python)