Recent news

Gang Chen has successfully defended his PhD thesis: "Resource Management in Real-time Multicore Embedded Systems: Performance and Energy Perspectives". The thesis provides reconfiguration techniques and scheduling algorithms for resource management in real-time multi-core embedded systems.

Hardik Shah has successfully defended his PhD thesis: "Predictable and high performance multi-core architectures". The thesis provides techniques to achieve deterministic execution time on multi-core architectures at minimal performance penalty.

TUM students win first Audi Autonomous Driving: check out the team information on the MomenTUM research page.

At Automatica trade fair 2014 the ECHORD++ team asked the visitors of their booth one simple question: “What do you think is the future of robotics?” We got the most interesting answers from roboticists from all over the world and put them together in a short video.

Our Bavarian Bending Units just became Runner-up World Champion of the Logistics League at RoboCup 2014 in João Pessoa (Brazil) with 10 international teams competing. Congratulations!

Today the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda and Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes visited our ECHORD++ booth at the Automatica trade fair in Munich.

The paper 'Energy Optimization for Real-Time Multiprocessor System-on-Chip with Optimal DVFS and DPM Combination' by Gang Chen, Kai Huang, and Alois Knoll won the BEST PAPER AWARD on the 11th IEEE Symposium on Embedded Systems for Real-Time Multimedia. The paper is selected to publish on ACM…

New Members for our Team at I6!