26.3.1958: Born in Essen, Germany
1964-76: High school education, Final high school examination 1976
1976-82: Study of Technical Cybernetics at University of Stuttgart, Diploma 1982
1982-86: Research assistant at Fraunhofer-Institute, Stuttgart, Dept. of Advanced Information and Communication Technologies. Activities in the area of Digital Speech Processing, including speech synthesis, speech recognition and artificial intelligence.
1983: Contract research for Speech Plus in Mountain View/USA, in the area of speech synthesis
1984: Contract research for Digital Equipment in Maynard/USA, in the area of speech synthesis
1985: Temporary stay at Digital Equipment in Maynard/USA in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge/USA
1986: PhD at University of Stuttgart. Topic: "Automatic Speech Recognition for Improving the Human-Machine-Interface"
1986-88: IBM Postdoctoral Fellowship am IBM Thomas Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights/USA, Dept. of Computer Sciences, Continuous Speech Recognition Group. Forschungsarbeiten am IBM Tangora Spracherkennungssystem im Bereich Sprecher­adaption und Acoustic Processing
1989-90: Head of a research group at Fraunhofer-Institute Stuttgart, in the area of signal processing, neural networks, speech processing and expert systems
Jan. 1991: Habilitation at University of Stuttgart. Topic: "Speech Processing Algorithms for the Development of a Text-to-Speech System"
1991-93: Visiting scientist and research fellow in the framework of the "EC Scientific Training Programme in Japan" at NTT Human Interface Laboratories in Tokyo, Japan, in the area of neurocomputing, speech recognition and pattern recognition
1992: Grant of a Heisenberg-Stipendium from the German National Science Foundation (DFG)
1.7.1993: Appointment to Full Professur of Computer Science at Gerhard-Mercator-University Duisburg, Germany
Mai 2001: Top listing for chairs of Media Computer Science, University of Bamberg, and Human-Machine Communication, Munich University of Technology
1.5.2002: Appointment to Full Professor of Human-Machine Communication, Munich University of Technology (TU München), Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
Research areas: Human-Machine Communication, Media Communication, Pattern Recognition, Speech Processing, Image Processing, Gesture Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Document Processing