M. Sc. Philipp Weiss


E-Mail philipp.weiss@tum.de
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Languages English, German 
Office Room 3965, Building 0509
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Philipp Weiss


Arcisstr. 21

D-80333 München


Research Interests

  • Fail-operational automotive systems
  • Dynamic agent-based mapping methods
  • Run-time reliability analysis



Title Type Year Links
Dynamic Agent-Based Reliability Analysis in Automotive Gracefully Degrading Systems MA 2021  
Checkpointing-Based Fail-Over Analysis of a SLAM Application MA 2020  
Fail-Over Timing Analysis of a Fail-Operational Distributed Neural Network MA 2020  
Energy-Optimized Elastic Application Distribution for Automotive Systems in Hybrid Cloud Architectures MA 2020


End-to-End Latency Analysis of Distributed Applications Using Round-Robin Scheduling FP 2019  
Distributed Simulation of Agent-Based Automotive Systems FP 2019 Publication
Disjunct Routing for a Fail-Operational Message Transmission FP 2019  


Course Name Course Type Role
System Design for the Internet of Things Lecture + Tutorial Tutor
Advanced Seminar Embedded Systems and Internet of Things Seminar Seminar manager, Supervisor