Open Student Thesis Offers

The lists below are sorted by research topic and comprise offers for bachelor's theses (BA), master's thesis (MA), semester theses (SA), guided research (GR), and research internships (RI). Please contact the advisors in the respective research topics for further information. You are welcome to propose thesis topics of your own!

A guide to writing good theses can be found here. A collection of useful material for research can be found here.

Autonomous Vehicles

We pursue a wide range of research directions related to safe decision making, motion planning and control for autonomous vehicles, involving formal methods, sampling-based and optimization-based methods, and deep learning-based methods.

Contact: Gerald Würsching, Florian Finkeldei, Yuanfei Lin, Tobias Mascetta, Eivind Meyer, Florian Lercher, Di Liu, Sebastian Mair.


Safe & Multi-Agent & Offline Reinforcement Learning

Contact: Jakob Thumm, Hannah Markgraf, Philipp Gassert, Jonathan Külz.

We are currently not offering any topics in this area.

Additionally, we will have open topics in safe reinforcement learning for manipulators and mobile platforms in the future.

Machine Learning and Optimization

Formal Methods and Reachability Analysis