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Address: Institut für Informatik IV Technische Universität München,
Boltzmannstraße 3, 85748 Garching bei München, Germany

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In a Nutshell

  • (2017-2022) Research Assistant, Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems, TUM
  • (2013-2016) Master in Informatics, Technische Universität München (TUM)
  • (2008-2013) Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

(Main/Co) Organizer of


Teaching Assistant:

Seminars and Lab Courses:

  • (Winter Semester 2021-22): Master Seminar: Emotional Awareness in Autonomous Driving
  • (Summer Semester 2021): Master Seminar: Emotional Awareness in Autonomous Driving
  • (Winter Semester 2020-21): Master Seminar: Resource Planning in Autonomous Driving
  • (Winter Semester 2020-21): Master Lab Course: Developing a Resource Planning Platform for Autonomous Vehicles
  • (Winter Semester 2019/20): Master Seminar: Emotional Awareness in Autonomous Driving
  • (Winter Semester 2019/20): Master Seminar: Realization of AI Applications in Autonomous Cars
  • (Summer Semester 2019): Master Seminar: Emotional Awareness in Autonomous Driving
  • (Summer Semester 2019): Master Seminar: Advanced Methods for Emotion Recognition in Highly Automated Driving
  • (Winter Semester 2018/19): Master Seminar: Online Learning in Autonomous Driving
  • (Winter Semester 2018/19): Lab Course: Build Your Own Demonstration Platform for Autonomous Driving
  • (Summer Semester 1018): Master Seminar - Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving
  • (Summer Semester 2018): Master Seminar - Machine Learning in Robot Assisted Therapy
  • (Winter Semester 2017/18): Master Seminar - Context Prediction in Autonomous Driving
  • (Winter Semester 2017/18): Lab Course - Deterministic Networking Lab

Thesis Supervision

Finished Works:

  • Guided Research: Emotion Recognition System for Evaluating the Comfort Level of the Occupants in AV , Mesut Kuscu (Nov.2017-Apr.2018)
  • Guided Research: Ensuring Safety of Machine Learning-based Systems, Saasha Nair (March-September 2018)
  • Guided Research: Enhancing the Accuracy and Performance of a Multimodal Emotion Recognition System by Integrating New Modalities, Riya Sharma (Nov.-June 19-20)
  • Guided Research: Audio Modality and Signal Processing in Multimodal Emotion Recognition Systems, Sweety Mohanty (Nov.-Aug. 19-20)
  • Guided Research: Automated Extraction of Ground Truth Data for Transcription and Annotation Purposes in Multimodal Emotion Recognition Datasets, Sayan Mitra (April 2019)
  • Guided Research: Maintaining Performance of the In-Cabin Multi-modal Emotion Recognition Systems with Continuous Learning, Eesha Kumar (Nov. 2019-March 2020)
  • Master Thesis: The Role of Physiological Signals in Multimodal Emotion Recognition Solutions in the Era of Autonomous Driving, Simge Özcan, (Feb.-Aug.2021)
  • Master Thesis: Audio Modality and Signal Processing in Multimodal Emotion Recognition, Sweety Mohanty (Nov.20-June.21)
  • Master Thesis: Performance Analysis of a Multimodal Application Programming Interface (API) for Automatic Emotion Recognition in In-Cabin Environments, Yueming Li (Oct.20-Apr.21)
  • Master Thesis: Mapping Driver Behavior to Emotional Profiles with Machine Learning Techniques, Nina Fischer (June19-Jan.20)
  • Master Thesis: Machine Learning-based Improvement of Multimodal Emotion Recognition System, Mohammad-Amin Ahantab (June-Jan. 19/20)
  • Master Thesis: Evaluating the Scheduling Architectures for AI-based Applications on the Platform of Autonomous Vehicles, Fabian Müller (Dec.-Aug. 19-20)
  • Master Thesis: Increasing the Robustness of Emotion Recognition Systems by Modeling Eye Gaze in Highly Automated Driving, Shivendra Singh (May-Dec. 2019)
  • Master Thesis: Enhancing the Emotion Detection Performance by Thermal Imaging for In-Cabin Environments, Toghrul Seyidov (October 2018-July 2019)
  • Master Thesis: Multimodal Sensor Fusion for Emotion Recognition in Vehicles, James Lawton (January-April 2019)
  • Master Thesis: Multi-scale Fusion of RGB and IR images for Illumination Invariant Emotion Recognition, Ammar Sohail (May-Jan. 19/20)
  • Master Thesis: A Study on Multisensory Data fusion with CNN and RNN in Behavioral Modeling, Maximilian Mahlberg (February-May 2019)
  • Master Thesis: State Mapping of Reinforcement Learning Agent based on Safety-Criticality in CARLA, Lukas Heinzmann (November-April 2018)
  • Master Thesis: Emotion Detection Through Speech Analysis in Resource Poor Environments, Felix Lachenmaier (June-November 2018)
  • Master Thesis: Enabling Federated Learning for Dynamic Driving in Autonomous Vehicles, Ankit Gupta, (June-November 2018)
  • Master Thesis: Driver-Behavior Modeling Based on Deep Learning for Automated Emotion Recognition, Mesut Kuscu, (April-August 2018)
  • Master Thesis: A Behavior-based Approach for Automotive Emotion Recognition Systems, Tahir Hacizade (January-August 2018)
  • Master Thesis: [External @BMW] Reinforcement Learning-based Comfort Functions in Automotive, Niko Tzioras (December 2017-August 2018)
  • Master Thesis: [External @BMW] Machine Learning-based Control of a Limited Slip Differential, Ana-Maria Radut (April-October 2017)
  • Master Thesis: Balancing Engagement and Distraction Level of Driver in Highly Automated Driving using Interactive Infotainment Systems, Christina Kopp (April-September 2018)
  • Bacelor Thesis: Analytical Evauation of In-Cabin Emotional Profiles for Automated Emotion Recognition, Jannatul Ferdous (Apr.-Aug.2021)
  • Bachelor Thesis: [External @Elektrobit] Development of a Driver Assistant System based on Electronic Horizon Data, Lennard Riedel (Nov. 2019)
  • Bachelor Thesis: Evaluating Emotional Measures of Affect Recognition for In-Cabin Environments, Thea Kramer (Sep.-Jan. 19/20)
  • Bachelor Thesis: Developing a Smart Wiper System Adaptive to the Drivers' Behavior based on SVM, Deborah Höltje (March-September 2018)
  • Bachelor Thesis: Enabling Multi Face Detection in Multimodal Emotion Recognition Systems, Nikan Moghadam (March-August 2019)
  • Bachelor Thesis: An Evaluation of Safety Monitoring Framework on Obstacle Detection Application, Franziska Schwaiger (April-October 2018)
  • Bachelor Thesis: A Nueral Network-based Pedestrian Detection System (Case-Study: YOLO), Simon Zachau (November 2017-April 2018)



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