Presentation on IPC Acceleration at DAC 2023

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Lars while presenting the concept in San Francisco.

Lars Nolte presented our paper on IPC (Inter Process Communication) acceleration for Linux at this year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC). The paper is titled “HAWEN: Hardware Accelerator for Thread Wake-Ups in Linux Event Notification” and was generated in the context of a joint research project with a Huawei Team located in Grenoble, France. It introduces a concept for the Linux OS to offload the necessary wake-up call for sleeping threads that wait for events associated to a futex, socket, epoll, eventfd or pipe to a hardware component. The module called HAWEN is integrated into the Linux event notification in a minimally intrusive manner. In the paper we show that HAWEN can significantly reduce the duration of the associated syscall.

The yearly Design Automation Conference (DAC) is world-wide the major event in the area of electronic system design. This year’s conference is the 60th edition and it took place in San Francisco, CA form July 9-13. (Link to DAC)