Vorträge am 12.04.24

Master's Thesis, Aktuelles, Ingenieurpraxis, Stefan Röhrl |

Abschlussseminar am Freitag, den 12.04.2024 um 09:00 Uhr via Zoom

 1. Transformer-based Multi-Sensor Fusion for Object Detection with Cameras and Radars


Vortragende/r: Frau Yunyu Chen
Betreuer:in: Xiangzhong Liu (fortiss)

2. Predicting and preventing civil violence with urban digital twins: An agent-based simulation exploring behavioral nudging under the gaze of mass surveillance
Vortragende/r: Sarah Shtaierman
Betreuer:in: Dr. Catarina Fontes

3. Retrieval Augmented Generation of Structured Output Formats from Unstructured and Heterogeneous Input Sources with Large Language Models using Agents
Vortragende/r: Mohamed Abuatala
Betreuer:in: Nikolaus Pinger, Trail-AI

4. Development of a Graph Neural Network-Method for Recommending Product Manufacturing Information on 3D-CAD Models
Vortragende/r: Viet The Nguyen
Betreuer:in: Selin Kesler, Siemens

5. Tracking Tool for Reliability Test Samples & Optimisation of Python Script for Data Analysis
Vortragende/r: Hian Zing Voon
Betreuer:in: Bastian Busch, Melkamu Belete (Infineon)

6. Erstellung einer C++ Bibliothek zur Relais Ansteuerung eines Testsystems
Vortragende/r: Jose Antonio Botello Vazquez
Betreuer:in: Karl Oberprantacher (Softing)

7. Weiterentwicklung der HALCON-Software
Vortragende/r: Elias Neumann
Betreuer:in: Ricardo Juarez Acuna (MVtec), Stefan Röhrl