Doctoral seminar Media Technology

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionGerman
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It includes talks from our PhD candidates on current research topics as well as lectures by invited guest scientists.



Date Title Speaker
17.04.2024 High-Precision Robots for microsurgery: an Interdisciplinary Art Work (1967, 14:30) Prof. Kai Huang 
11.04.2024 Teleoperated Robot Learning from Demonstration and Digital Twin Interaction (1977, 15:00) Diego Fernandez Prado
11.04.2024 Modeling, Synthesis, and Annotation of Complex 3D Hand-Object Interactions Over Time (1977, 14:30) Marsil Zakour
11.04.2024 Visual SLAM: towards high-precision localization and Mapping (1977, 14:00) Xin Su
11.04.2024 Hybrid Point Cloud Scene Completion (1977, 13:00) Driton Salihu
11.04.2024 Machine learning for RF-based indoor positioning and sensing (1977, 11:10) Dr. Fabian Esteban Seguel Gonzalez
11.04.2024 FDMN: Fourier Decoupling-based Modelling Network for Joint Low-Light Image Enhancement and Deblurring (1977, 10:40) Luwei Tu
11.04.2024 Object detection under low-quality conditions (1977, 10:00) Jiawei Wu
11.04.2024 Text-Driven Fast 3D Indoor Scene Generation via Panoramic Gaussian Splatting (1977, 09:10) Prof. Zhi Jin
26.10.2023 Cross-Modal Feature Fusion and Semantic SLAM (0406, 13:15) Zhenyu Wang
12.10.2023 Contemporary Visual Computing: Storytelling & Scene Graph Generation (0406, 14:00) Prof. Chang Wen Chen

Towards Lightweight and Efficient Networks for Image Quality Enhancement (0406, 10:30)

Prof. Zhi Jin (Sun Yat-sen University, China)
18.09.2023 Leveraging Multisource and Multimodal Data for 3D Reconstruction and Localization in Indoor Environments (17:15) Adam Misik
18.09.2023 Hybrid Scan-to-CAD (16:30) Driton Salihu
18.09.2023 Human Daily Activity Understanding for Assistive Robot (15:30) Yuankai Wu
18.09.2023 Understanding and Anticipating Activities of Daily Living (14:45) Constantin Patsch
18.09.2023 Modeling, Synthesis, and Annotation 3D Hand-Object Interactions Over Time (14:00) Marsil Zakour
18.09.2023 Autonomous AI-based Quality Inspection (11:45) Michael Gentner
18.09.2023 Frame Synthesis for Video Compression (11:00) Nicola Giuliani
18.09.2023 Semantic Video Communication (10:00) Cem Eteke
18.09.2023 Vibrotactile Compression (09:15) Lars Nockenberg
18.09.2023 Vider Judder Mitigation, HDR Image Compression and Tone Mapping with JPEG-AI (08:30) Hongjie You
27.07.2023 Modeling Digital Twin using Multimodel Data with Signed Distance Fields for Model-Mediated Teleoperation (Online, 13:15) Mads Mørch Antonsen
20.04.2023 Model-Mediated Teleoperation (0406, 14:00) Mads Mørch Antonsen
02.12.2022 Interactive RGB Image Segmentation via Depth-modified Click Encoding and Estimated Depth (0406, 17:00) H. Furkan Kaynar
02.12.2022 Multi-Method Assessment Fusion for Scan-to-CAD Methods (0406, 16:30) Driton Salihu
02.12.2022 To Sparsify or not to Sparsify: Simplifying Visual Feature Maps for Mobile Agents (0406, 16:00) Sebastian Eger
02.12.2022 Robust Depth Estimation in Foggy Environments Combining RGB Images and mmWave Radar (0406, 15:30) Mengchen Xiong
02.12.2022 Self-Supervised Object Recognition Based on Repeated Re-Capturing of Dynamic Indoor Environments (0406, 15:00) Martin Piccolrovazzi
01.12.2022 HDR for Computer Vision und Frame Synthesis for Video Coding (0406, 15:00) Nicola Giuliani
16.11.2022 Visual Semantic Slam for Complex Environments (0406, 13:15) Zhenyu Wang
20.10.2022 Leveraging Representation Learning for Multi-Modal and Graph-Structured Data (0406, 13:15) Muhammad Umer Anwaar

Manipulator-based Visual Quality Inspection: Open Challenges and Outlook (10:30)

Michael Gentner
29.09.2022 Cross-source Point Cloud Registration and its Application to Indoor Localization (10:00) Adam Misik
29.09.2022 Collaborative Visual SLAM (09:30) Sebastian Eger
29.09.2022 Semantic Indoor Mapping (09:00) Martin Piccolrovazzi
29.09.2022 A 3D Object Detection Pipeline (08:30) Michael Adam
28.09.2022 The Realization of a Continuously Updated Digital Twin (17:30) Furkan Mert Algan
28.09.2022 Scene Graph-based Intention Recognition in Teleoperation (17:00) Dong Yang
28.09.2022 Dynamic Digital Indoor Twin using Scan-to-CAD (16:30) Driton Salihu
28.09.2022 Multi-sensor-based Environment Modeling in Harsh Environments (16:00) Mengchen Xiong
28.09.2022 Robust Fingerprinting-based Indoor Localization (15:30) Majdi Abdmoulah
28.09.2022 Unveiling Radio-Frequency Positioning and Sensing in 6G Networks (15:00) Dr. Fabián Seguel
28.09.2022 Robot Learning form Demonstration and Digital Twin Interaction (14:30) Diego Prado
28.09.2022 Semiautonomus Remote Non-Expert Support for Robotic Grasping (11:00) Furkan Kaynar
28.09.2022 Teleoperation Based Remote Human-Robot Skill Transfer (10:30) Basak Gülecyüz
28.09.2022 Vibrotactile Compression (10:00) Lars Nockenberg
28.09.2022 Haptic Communication Technology Research Above Online Human-in-the-Loop Teleoperation (09:30) Siwen Liu
28.09.2022 Design, Implementation and Assessment for Teleoperation Systems (09:00) Zican Wang
28.09.2022 Haptic Communication: We Need More Than Perceptual Deadband (08:30) Dr. Xiao Xu
27.09.2022 Action Segmentation based on Video Data (18:00) Constantin Patsch
27.09.2022 Human-Object iIteraction for Assitive Robotics (17:30) Yuankai Wu
27.09.2022 Hand-Object Pose Estimation (17:00) Marsil Zakour
27.09.2022 Semantic Communication via Conditional Frame Synthesis (16:30) Cem Eteke
27.09.2022 Novel tools for AI-based compression of screen content (15:00) Burak Dogaroglu
27.09.2022 Performance and Complexity Optimization of Deep Learning-based image Compression (14:30) Burakhan Koyuncu
27.09.2022 High Dynamic Range and Immsersive Content Rendering (14:00) Hongjie You
16.08.2022 Towards Subjective Experience Prediction for Time-Delayed Teleoperation with Haptic Data Reduction (online, 16:00) Zican Wang
15.07.2022 AR in VR: Augmented Reality Cues in 360-Degree Stereoscopic Telepresence for Remote Collaboration and Maintenance (online, 15:00) Furkan Kaynar
01.02.2022 Color Image Enhancement Exploiting Inter-channel Correlation with a 3-stage CNN (online, 12:00) Kai Cui
01.02.2022 Vibrotactile Signal Compression (online, 11:30) Andreas Noll
27.09.2021 Leveraging Multidimensional Algebraic Methods for Performance Enhancement of Neural Networks and Signal Processing Algorithms (online, 11:00) Dr. Wilder Lopes
30.07.2021 Toward Real-time Haptic Signal Evaluation and Enhancement for Teleoperation System & Environment Modeling with mmWave Radar (online, 13:15) Mengchen Xiong
22.07.2021 Adaptive Multi-View Live Video Streaming for Teledriving Using a Single Hardware Encoder (online, 13:15) Markus Hofbauer
18.03.2021 Nutzerorientierte Cockpits für das hochautomatisierte Fahren (online, 10:00) Patrick Schnöll
12.01.2021 Reward Learning From Very Few Demonstrations (online, 10:00) Cem Eteke
18.12.2020 Overview Olive Robotics (online, 15:00) Mojtaba Karimi & Edwin Babaians
17.12.2020 Parametric Spectral Estimation Methods of Clutter Profile for Adaptive Radar Detection (online, 13:15)

Berna Eraslan

01.12.2020 Better Look Twice - Improving Visual Scene Perception Using a Two-Stage Approach (online, 09:30) Christopher Kuhn
01.12.2020 Adaptive Multi-View Live Video Streaming for Teledriving Using a Single Hardware Encoder (online, 09:00) Markus Hofbauer
01.12.2020 Measuring Driver Situation Awareness Using Region-of-Interest Prediction and Eye Tracking (Online, 08:30) Markus Hofbauer
30.11.2020 Leveraging 5G Industrial Private Networks for Digital Twinning of Dynamic Manufacturing Plants(Online, 16:30) Sebastian Eger
05.11.2020 Skewed-redundant Hall-effect Magnetic Sensor Fusion for Perturbation-free Indoor Heading Estimation. Mojtaba 'Leox' Karimi
14.09.2020 Energy Efficiency in Video Communications - Do we save the world with streaming instead of traveling? (0406, 13:30) Dr. Herglotz (FAU Erlangen)
24.07.2020 Emerging Coding Tools in the VVC Standard (online, 13:15) Han Gao
17.07.2020 Automatic and Predictive Generation of Teleoperation Requests (online, 13:15) Christopher Kuhn
16.07.2020 Leveraging 5G Industrial Private Networks for Digital Twinning of Dynamic Manufacturing Plants (online, 09:00) Sebastian Eger
03.07.2020 Adaptive Streaming of Sensor Information for Teleoperator Situation Awareness (online, 13:15) Markus Hofbauer
26.06.2020 Deep Learning based image/video enhancement and compression (online, 13:15) Kai Cui
19.06.2020 On Multimodal Object Detection and Virtual View Generation (online, 13:15) Michael Adam
29.05.2020 Toward Intuitive Teleoperation (online, 13:15) Edwin Babaians
15.05.2020 Localization in GPS-denied environments based on visual features and LiDAR data (online, 13:15) Martin Oelsch
08.05.2020 Toward Autonomous Inspection using UAVs: LiDAR-Inertial SLAM in an Indoor Environment (online, 13:15) Leox Karimi
09.03.2020 Flexible Electrovibration Tactile Feedback on Bare Finger (09:00, room 1967) Xingwei Guo
28.01.2020 Edge Cloud Based Collaborative SLAM (10:00, room 1967) Sebastian Eger
17.01.2020 Digitalization Initiatives (10:00, room 1967) Dr. Stefan Lenz (Linde AG)
16.12.2019 A Multimodal Framework for Assisting and Teaching Semi-autonomous Teleoperation Tasks (10:00, room 1967) Furkan Kaynar
02.12.2019 Multipath fingerprinting-based indoor localization in dynamic environments (10:00, room 1967) Alexandra Zayets
06.11.2019 Low Complexity Decoder Side Motion Vector Refinement for VVC (16:30, room 1967) Han Gao
04.11.2019 OLED microdisplays for smart eyewear and sensing (15:00, room 1967) Dr. Vogel (Fraunhofer Institut FEP)
18.09.2019 Adaptive Fusion-based 3D Keypoint Detection for RGB Point Clouds (17:30, room 1967) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
14.08.2019 Telepresence, telehaptics and intelligent industrial robotics: a research overview (09:30, room 1967) Thomas Hulin (DLR)
26.07.2019 Learning from Demonstration (LfD): Impact of Haptic Communication (13:15, room 0406) Basak Gülecyüz
11.07.2019 Autonomous Indoor Mapping (12:30, room 1967) Martin Piccolrovazzi
01.07.2019 Vibrotactile Signal Compression Based on Sparse Linear Prediction and Human Tactile Sensitivity Function (17:30, room 1967) Xiao Xu
01.07.2019 Haptic Data Reduction for Time-delayed Teleoperation Using the Input-to-State Stability Approach (17:15, room 1967) Xiao Xu
01.07.2019 Elimination of Cross-dimensional Artifacts in the Multi-Dof Time-Domain Passivity Approach for Time-delayed Teleoperation(17:00, room 1967) Xiao Xu
17.06.2019 Object-level image segmentation with prior information (10:00, room 1967) Chunlai Wang
07.06.2019 Measuring Preservation of Creative Intent Throughout a Video Delivery Pipeline (15:00, room 1967) Dr. Abdul Rehman
07.06.2019 Edge Cloud Based Collaborative SLAM (13:15, room 0406) Sebastian Eger
28.05.2019 Intelligent UAVs in command of firefighters (14:00,1967) George Thanellas
24.05.2019 Tactile Perceptual Coding (12:00,1977) Andreas Noll
13.05.2019 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Geometry using Electromagnetic Multipath Fingerprinting (09:00, room 1967) Alexandra Zayets
11.04.2019 Convolutional Neural Networks for Dense Optical Flow Estimation (16:00, room 1967) Syed Mujtaba Hassan
26.03.2019 Adaptive Streaming of Sensor Information for Teleoperator Situation Awareness (10:00, room 1967) Markus Hofbauer
13.03.2019 Object detection for Robotics (17:00, room 1967) Jiawen Xu
07.03.2019 Quality-based curriculum learning for semantic segmentation of road scene images (15:00, room 0406) Alexander Hanel
06.03.2019 Non-iterative deblurring of visual microscopy images (17:00, room 1967) Furkan Kaynar
04.02.2019 Vision Through the Water (09:00, room 1967) Michela Testolina
06.12.2018 Low-Complexity Fingerprint Matching for Real-Time Indoor Localization Systems Alexandra Zayets
06.12.2018 MID: A novel contrast metric for the MSER detector Martin Oelsch
06.12.2018 Improving Picture Boundary Handling for Video Coding Beyond HEVC Han Gao
14.09.2018 Deep-Learning based Image Compression and Segmentation Prof. Hsueh-Ming Hang (NCTU Taiwan)
10.09.2018 Motion parallax in VR Jayant Thatte (Stanford University)
15.06.2018 tbd. (13:15, room 0406) Matti Strese
08.06.2018 Picture Boundary Partition for Versatile Video Coding (13:15, room 0406) Han Gao
25.05.2018 Ultra-Low Delay Video Communication (13:15, room 0406) Christoph Bachhuber
04.05.2018 CNN Based Image and Video Enhancement and Compression (13:15, room 0406) Kai Cui
20.04.2018 Depth image based rendering for virtual view synthesis (13:15, room 0406) Bing Fan
13.04.2018 Object Recognition in an Indoor Environment using Point Cloud Data (13:15, room 0406) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
22.03.2018 Toward High-Fidelity Haptic Interaction with Virtual Materials: A Robotic Material Scanning, Modelling, and Display System (17:00, room 1967) Matti Strese
01.03.2018 Start-up Your PhD (9:00, room 1977) Harald Jenull
20.12.2017 Tracking and localization using sensor data (16:15, room 1967) Fan Bing
20.12.2017 Video communication - from an optimization perspective (17:15, room 1967) Dr. Chenglin Li
30.11.2017 A Joint Compression Scheme for Local Binary Feature Descriptors and their Corresponding Bag-of-Words Representation (12:30, room 1967) Dominik van Opdenbosch
02.11.2017 Dual stream recursive ResNet for image compression artifacts reduction (13:15, room 1967) Dr. Zhi Jin
12.09.2017 Robust WiFi-based Indoor Localization using Multipath Component Analysis (16:30, room 1967) Alexandra Zayets
21.07.2017 Mobile robotics and teleoperation (13:15, room 0406) Tamay Aykut
10.07.2017 Multimedia analysis (9:00, room 1967) Dr. Rania Hassen
07.07.2017 Grasp planning for robotics and visual-haptic sensing robotic applications (13:15, room 0406) Jingyi Xu
03.07.2017 Extremely low and variable bandwidth image transmission with region of interest (ROI) for embedded systems (10:00, room 1967) Prof. Eduardo Rubino
03.07.2017 A Testbed for Vision-Based Networked Control Systems (9:30, room 1967) Christoph Bachhuber
28.06.2017 Overview of embedded system for measuring AC contactor electrical performance (15:15, room 0406) Yingwei Du
23.06.2017 Overview of research activities in the area of multimedia analysis (14:30, room 1967) Prof. Fang Lu
23.06.2017 Visual update for localization in changing environments (13:15, room 0406) Adrian Garcea
14.06.2017 Improving Indoor Localization by Non-Line-of-Sight Detection (11:15, room 1967) Halawani
02.06.2017 WiFi-based indoor localization (13:15, room 0406) Alexandra Zayets
23.05.2017 Cinematic Virtual Reality: Immersive Video for Head-Mounted Displays (13:15, room 1977) Prof. Bernd Girod (Stanford University)
12.05.2017 Visual features for textureless Mars-like environments (13:15, room 0406) Martin Oelsch
08.05.2017 Scaling Adaptive Streaming Systems with Network Support (10:00, room 2999) Prof. Ali C. Begen
28.04.2017 Low delay video compression and communication (13:15, room 0406) Kai Cui
18.04.2017 Omnidirectional/360-degree adaptive video streaming (12:30, room 1977) Prof. Christian Timmerer (Universität Klagenfurt)
13.04.2017 Physiological and computational principles of human neuromuscular motor control (13:15, room 0406) Prof. Franklin
26.01.2017 Object descriptors for 3D point cloud data of indoor environments (14:00, room 0406) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
02.12.2016 AVLAD: Optimizing the VLAD image signature for specific feature descriptors (9:00, room 0406) Dominik van Opdenbosch
03.11.2016 Overview of the research topic at Huawei (13:15, room 0406) Han Gao
25.10.2016 Determining Commonalities in Crowd Sourced Data (13:15, room 0406) Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri (IIT Bombay)
09.09.2016 Reading/writing a research paper (10:00, room 0406) Prof. El Saddik
08.09.2016 Studying and performing research in Canada (10:00, room 0406) Prof. El Saddik
21.06.2016 Research activities at the University of Ottawa (13:15, room 0406) Prof. El Saddik
19.05.2016 Fast converging auction-based resource allocation for QoE-driven wireless video streaming (17:00, room 1967) Damien Schroeder
06.04.2016 Low-delay Compression of Polygon Mesh Deformation Data for Remote Haptic Interaction with Simulated Deformable Objects (09:00, room 1967) Clemens Schuwerk
01.03.2016 Multi-View Coding and Routing of Local Features in Visual Sensor Networks (10:30, room 1977) Prof. Matteo Cesana
07.12.2015 Stability-ensuring control and haptic data reduction for bilateral teleoperation systems (08:30, room 1967) Xiao Xu
01.11.2015 Einführung in Graph-basierte visuelle SLAM Ansätze für Explorationsanwendungen (09:45, room 0406) Dmytro Bobkov
01.11.2015 VaMex-VIPE Projektvorstellung (09:00, room 0406) Dominik van Opdenbosch
06.10.2015 Model-mediated Teleoperation for Movable Objects: Dynamics Modeling and Packet Rate Reduction (10:00, room 1967) Xiao Xu
01.10.2015 Activity Recognition on Handheld Devices for Pedestrian Indoor Navigation (13:15, room 0406) Dmytro Bobkov
17.09.2015 Matlab Cody Coursework Framework (14:00, room 0406) Dmytro Bobkov
09.09.2015 Virtuelle Rekonstruktion von Hand zerrissener Dokumente mittels diskriminativer Modelle (10:00, room 0406) Fabian Richter
06.07.2015 Block structure reuse for multi-rate High Efficiency Video Coding (13:15, room 0406) Damien Schroeder
25.06.2015 Preprocessing-free Surface Material Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks Pretrained by Sparse Autoencoder (13:15, room 0406) Mengqi Ji
19.06.2015 Research lines in the Nonlinear Control Group of the University of Vigo. Networked Control Systems (13:15, room 0406) Dr. Miguel Díaz-Cacho Medina
15.06.2015 Passivity-based Model Update for Model-mediated Teleoperation (13:15, room 1967) Xiao Xu
11.06.2015 Haptic Data Reduction for Time-delayed Teleoperation Using the Time Domain Passivity Approach (13:15, room 0406) Xiao Xu
11.06.2015 Surface Classification Using Acceleration Signals Recorded During Human Freehand Movement (13:45, room 0406) Matti Strese
11.06.2015 Transparency Analysis of Client-Server-based Multi-rate Haptic Interaction with Deformable Objects (14:15, room 0406) Clemens Schuwerk
08.06.2015 Network-Aware Video Level Encoding for Uplink Adaptive HTTP Streaming (16:00, room 1967) Christian Lottermann
20.05.2015 On the Retrieval of Perceptually Similar Haptic Surfaces (14:00, room 1967) Matti Strese
20.05.2015 Macroblock Level Rate Control for Low Delay H.264/AVC based Video Communication (10:30, room 1967) Burak Cizmeci
13.05.2015 Summary of research results (10:00, room 1967) Wilder Lopes
30.04.2015 Indoor Location Retrieval using Shape Matching of KinectFusion Scans to Large-Scale Indoor Point Clouds Anas Al-Nuaimi
22.01.2015 Stiftvermittelte haptische Texturerkennung Matti Strese
22.01.2015 Kompensation von Übertragungsverzögerungen in virtuellen Umgebungen mit haptischem Feedback Clemens Schuwerk
22.01.2015 QoE-based Traffic and Resource Management for Adaptive HTTP Video Delivery in LTE Damien Schroeder
22.01.2015 Vollautomatische und bildgenaue Synchronisierung von Videosequenzen Anas Al-Nuaimi
22.01.2015 Feature-preserving image and video compression Jianshu Chao
22.01.2015 Graphen-basierte Datenfusion auf mobilen Endgeräten fu?r die Positionsschätzung in Gebäuden Sebastian Hilsenbeck
22.01.2015 Kompression und Streaming binärer Bildsignaturen für die visuelle Indoor- Navigation Dominik van Opdenbosch
22.01.2015 Visuelle Indoor-Navigation: Vom Forschungsprojekt Navvis zur NavVis GmbH Georg Schroth
04.11.2014 Context-Aware Selection of Adaptive Streaming Representations (14:00, room 1977) Laura Toni
06.10.2014 A Haptic Texture Database for Tool-mediated Texture Recognition and Classification (16:45, room 1967) Matti Strese
06.10.2014 On the Discrimination of Stiffness during Pressing and Pinching of Virtual Springs (16:00, room 1967) Burak Cizmeci
07.07.2014 Towards Real-time Modeling and Haptic Rendering of Deformable Objects for Point Cloud-based Model-mediated Teleoperation (10:00am, room 1967) Xiao Xu
16.06.2014 A Visual-Haptic Multiplexing Scheme for Teleoperation over Constant-Bitrate Communication Links (2:30pm, room 1967) Burak Cizmeci
16.05.2014 From Adaptive Filters to Adaptive Networks: concepts, applications and research opportunities in Brazil (10:00am, room 1977) Prof. Cassio Guimaraes Lopes, University of São Paulo
14.05.2014 Discussion on progress of ProHaptics project (13:00) Clemens Schuwerk
19.03.2014 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat:
Error-Resilient Haptic Data Communication
Fernanda Brandi
18.03.2014 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat:
Large-Scale Indoor Mapping, Visualization and Navigation
Robert Huitl
18.03.2014 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat:
Visual Location Recognition with RGBD Data
Anas Al-Nuaimi
30.01.2013 Modeling of deformable objects (changed date!) Xiao Xu
16.01.2013 Discussion about progress of ProHaptics project (changed date!) Clemens Schuwerk
6.12.2013 Discussion about DLR visit Xiao Xu
29.11.2013 Updates about research works Fernanda Brandi
08.11.2013 Discussion on progress of ProHaptics project Burak Cizmeci
11.10.2013 Discussion on progress of ProHaptics project Xiao Xu
20.09.2013 Performance Comparison of Various Feature Detector-descriptor Combinations for Content-based Image Retrieval with JPEG-encoded Query Images (13:15-14:45) Jianshu Chao
13.09.2013 Discussion on the HAVE Conference presentations Clemens Schuwerk
10.09.2013 Fast Relocalization for Visual Odometry Using Binary Features Sebastian Hilsenbeck
23.07.2013 On the design of a novel JPEG quantization table for improved feature detection performance (15:00-15:45) Jianshu Chao
05.07.2013 Discussion on Model Mediation System Xiao Xu
06.06.2013 Discussion on progress of ProHaptics project Clemens Schuwerk
17.05.2013 Discussion on progress of ProHaptics project Giulia Paggetti
04.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Mobile Device Odometry for Pedestrian Navigation
Sebastian Hilsenbeck
04.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Indoor Mapping for Visual Localization
Robert Huitl
04.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Feature-preserving image and video processing
Jianshu Chao
04.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
QoE-based adaptive HTTP streaming
Damien Schroeder
03.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
QoE-based Traffic Management for SVC Video Steaming
Bo Fu
03.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Off-Board Services in the Domain of Driver Assistance
Christian Lottermann
03.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Communication in Shared Haptic Virtual Environments
Clemens Schuwerk
03.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Simultaneous masking model for vibrotactile perception
Rahul Chaudhari
03.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Transmission of Video and Force Signals under Limited Bandwidth
Burak Cizmeci
03.05.2013 LKN/LMT PhD Retreat in Utting am Ammersee:
Error Resilient Haptic Communication
Fernanda Brandi
12.04.2013 LMT Telepresence System: Status Update Burak Cizmeci
08.03.2013 Status of the LMT Telepresence System Burak Cizmeci