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M.Sc. Diego Hidalgo Carvajal

Lehrstuhl für Robotik und Systemintelligenz (Prof. Haddadin)


Lehrstuhl für Robotik und Systemintelligenz (Prof. Haddadin)

Heßstraße 134
80797 München

About me

For over a decade I have been expanding my knowledge about engineering, not only on academic but also on industrial environments, ultimately, gaining experience on mechatronics systems design, automation, machine learning algorithms, research, among others.

I am always striving to bring 100% to everything I do, and my goal is to become an expert in the development of automatic optimization procedures for robotic and mechatronic systems.

Master of Science in Mechanical and Automation Engineering

09/2015 - 07/2017
Excellence Recognition for First Place on Academic Honor Roll

Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering

03/2009 - 09/2014
Highest graduation grade in Mechatronics Engineering

  • Cybathlon Challenge: Mechanism Design & Control (MW, EI, IN)
  • Cybathlon Challenge: Task Control & User Experiments (MW, EI, IN)

  • Human-inspired robot hands design and control
  • Mechatronic Systems Design
  • Automatic System Identification
  • Model, Control and Simulation of Multibody Systems

Scientific Publications:

[1] Groß, S., Hidalgo-Carvajal, D., Breimann, S., Stein, N., Ganguly, A., Naceri, A., & Haddadin, S. (2023, May). Soft Sensing Skins for Arbitrary Objects: An Automatic Framework. In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) (pp. 12507-12513). IEEE.

[2] Hidalgo-Carvajal, Diego, et al. "Object-Centric Grasping Transferability: Linking Meshes to Postures." 2022 IEEE-RAS 21st International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids). IEEE, 2022.

[3] Hidalgo-Carvajal, D., Herneth, C., Naceri, A., & Haddadin, S. (2022). End-to-End From Human Hand Synergies to Robot Hand Tendon Routing. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters7(4), 10057-10064.

[4] Seppich, N., Tacca, N., Chao, K. Y., Akim, M., Hidalgo-Carvajal, D., Pozo Fortunić, E., ... & Haddadin, S. (2022). CyberLimb: a novel robotic prosthesis concept with shared and intuitive control. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation19(1), 1-20.

[5] Naceri, A., Boccardo, N., Lombardi, L., Marinelli, A., Hidalgo, D., Haddadin, S., ... & De Michieli, L. (2022). From human to robot grasping: force and kinematic synergies: Close comparison between human and robotic hands in both force and kinematic domain. In Tactile Sensing, Skill Learning, and Robotic Dexterous Manipulation (pp. 133-148). Academic Press.

[6] Aßmann, U., Chen, L., Ebert, S., Göhringer, D., Grzelak, D., Hidalgo, D., ... & Podlubne, A. (2021). Human–robot cohabitation in industry. In Tactile Internet (pp. 41-73). Academic Press.

[7] Hidalgo, Diego, and Syh-Shiuh Yeh. "Tuning of Servo Control Gains for Five-Axis CNC Machine Tools Considering Circularity of Inclined Circular Motions in Workspace." (2020).

[8] Solarte-Pardo, Bolivar, Diego Hidalgo, and Syh-Shiuh Yeh. "Cutting Insert and Parameter Optimization for Turning Based on Artificial Neural Networks and a Genetic Algorithm.Applied Sciences 9.3 (2019): 479.

[9] Hidalgo, Diego, and Syh-Shiuh Yeh. "Development of an analyzing and tuning technology for improving circularity of cone-frustum motions of five-axis CNC machine tools.The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 97.9-12 (2018): 3283-3297.

[10] Hidalgo, Diego, Syh-Shiuh Yeh, and Jien-I. Lee. "A Frequency Domain Approach for Tuning Control Parameters of CNC Servomotors to Enhance its Circular Contouring Accuracy.Procedia CIRP 63 (2017): 372-377.

[11] CNCM 2017, The 6th International Symposium of Computational Numerical Control Machining, “Development of an Analyzing Technology for Synchronous TCP Roundness Errors of Five-axis Machine Tools.”, Presented by Diego Hidalgo, Syh-Shiuh Yeh and Jien-I Lee

[12] Lin, Hsien-I., and Diego Hidalgo Carvajal. "Automatic following in a sheet metal bending process.2016 International Automatic Control Conference (CACS). IEEE, 2016.


[1] Diego, H., Javier, C. (2018). Levas Electrónicas: Evolucionando el diseño mediante la Mecatrónica. Editorial Académica Española.

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