Students Projects

Master Thesis / Bachelor Thesis / Internship / Forschungspraxis (EI)

Spatial-temporal information from high density surface electromyographic sensors in grasping movements

This thesis explores signal features to obtain specific classification of the movements included, that can then be used to control artificial limbs [more info] [Contact us]

Extraction and evaluation of motor units recruited for hand movements

This thesis aims at recording different biosignals through high density surface electromyographic sensors. [more info] [Contact us]

Serious game framework for myoelectric control validation and assessment

The student will develop different serious games that can be used to control a virtual prosthesis with one/more degrees of freedom. [more info] [Contact us]

Virtual Reality for Neurorehabilitation

The task for this project is to develop a virtual reality environment to test and evaluate advanced myoelectric control methods in terms of functionalities and sense of embodiment. [more info] [Contact us]

Mechanical design of a poly-articulated prosthetic hand

This project consists on the design of a dexterous poly-articulated prosthetic hand that merges soft robotic technologies and finger coordination [more info] [Contact us]

Design of a soft prosthetic wrist

This project consists of the design of a soft prosthetic wrist. This design will allow future studies on where to place softness in assistive robotics for more natural and safe interaction with the environment.  [more info] [Contact us]

Design of Variable Stiffness joints for Upper-Limb prosthetics

This project consists of the design and development of a new prosthetic joint that provides users with variable stiffness levels for better adaptation. [more info] [Contact us]

Design and development of a prosthetic foot

This project consists on the design of a prosthetic foot able to comply with uneven terrains and to absorb shocks [more info] [Contact us]

Design of a User Interface for EMG Signal Acquisition

The task is to design an intutive user interface for data acquisition and biological signal processing (i.e. using surface EMG sensors). [Contact us]

Circuit Design of sEMG Processing Boards for Prostheses

The project consists on the design of electronic boards to process signals from surface EMG sensors. [Contact us]

Haptic feedback for prosthetics and telerobotics

The thesis aims to design a device that can be used in prosthetics to give amputees different haptic feedback (force feedback, proprioception feedback, emotional feedback) and in teleoperation to return haptic feedback to the user teleoperating the robot. [more info] [Contact us]