The Future of Communication Technology

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CDTM/6G-life Trend Report available for download

The BMBF Research Hub 6G-life is a university-based research project committed to shape the communication landscape of the future aiming at the upcoming 6th generation mobile communication system. 6G research has just started and 6G deployment is expected to begin in the year 2030. Enough time to create significant impact! One objective of the pro-ject is to strengthen the technology sovereignty in Germany. In this way, the project does not only strive for scientific research excellence to impact the technology development for 6G, but also to educate the engineers for tomorrow and to lay the ground for new startups in Germany to be able to bring the know-how to the market. Therefore, 6G-life has teamed up with CDTM to develop and execute entrepreneurial education in the area of 6G. This trend seminar on “the future of communication technology” where 6G-life took the project partner role is one important milestone of the collaboration with CDTM in 6G-life.

The full trend report can be downloaded at the following link:



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