Doctoral Seminar ICS, CNE, HRC

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2019/20
Language of instructionGerman
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Speaker Date Title Materials
Florian Bergner, ICS and Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera, ICS October 23, 16:30h "Evaluation of a Large-Scale Event-Driven Robot Skin"and "Pressure-Driven Body Compliance Using Robot Skin" Abstract
George Mesesan   November 20, 16:30h Dynamic Walking on Compliant and Uneven Terrain using DCM and Passivity-based Whole-body Control Abstract
Jonas Braun & Michael Deistler  CNE/TUM November 27, 16:30h Timescales of predictability as a tool to analyse neuronal dynamics in V1 and CA1 Analysing perturbations in neuroscience models using simulation-based inference



Dr. Alexandre Janot, ONERA December 4, 16:30h On the identification of industrial robots: from a standard approach to most sophisticated techniques Abstract
Matteo Pantano, HCR/TUM, Siemens AG  December 11, 16:30h Design of a Cyber-Physical System for flexible Human Robot Collaboration Abstract
No semiar December 18, 2019    
No seminar January 8, 2020    
Alana Irene Darcher, Tamara Müller/CNE January 15, 2020 Investigating single neuron activity from humans during naturalistic, continuous stimulation  
No seminar February 5, 2020



  February 12, 2020    
Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana, TUM

February 19, 2020, 16:30h


Influence of brain oscillations on continual perception and performance Abstract & Bio
Stefan Ehrlich, ICS March 4, 16:30h
"Error-related potentials in passive brain-computer interfaces for quantitative assessment and adaptation of robotic systems during human-robot interaction"