Research Seminar on "Introduction to Haptic Systems"

Doctoral Research Seminar on "Introduction to Haptic Systems" by Dr. John Nassour, ICS/TUM


I present an introduction to haptics systems. I am starting from the human sense of touch and kinesthesia sense. Then I present the haptic illusions that play a crucial role in building successful haptic devices. Afterward, I demonstrate three categories of haptic devices: kinesthetic, touchable, and wearable. First, I explain the kinematics, dynamics, and rendering through an example of one and two DOF haptic devices. I describe the block diagram of a haptic system with stability analysis from a control perspective. A demo on teleoperation controllers will be then presented with a single DOF haptic device that I built up from off-the-shelf materials. The last part of my presentation is on wearable haptic devices. I illustrate my work on wearable sensors and actuators to measure body kinematics and provide tactile and kinesthetic stimulations.

Monday, January 10, 2022, at 11h online, if you would like to participate, please get int ouch with the organisers.