Research Seminar on "Ink-Jet Printed Ion Sensors"

Research Seminar on "Ink-Jet Printed Ion Sensors" by Eva-Maria Korek from the Chair of Circuit Design (Prof. Brederlow).


Ions play an important role in life science, environmental science, and many other areas of our life. Measuring ion concentrations enables us to monitor our health or fitness status as well as e.g. water or soil quality. For these use cases, a new generation of cheap, miniaturized, flexible, and biocompatible ion sensors is needed. By combining additive manufacturing methods such as ink-jet printing with electrochemical read-out methods, we aim to decrease sensor sizes and manufacturing costs. By developing power-efficient and miniaturized read-out circuits, we can further decrease overall system sizes. This results in sensor systems that can be exploited in many different application areas.

The seminar is online on December 13th at 11:00h via zoom, if you wish to participate, please contact the organisers.