Public engagement activites at ICS

ICS is always trying to engage with the different stakeholder groups and explain the latest research as well as the basics of robotics and neuroengieneering to them. These groups include industry, policy makers or the general public. In the last years, we have been participating in several events, trade fairs, or conferences - below are some examples.



  • Kunstarealfest at Pinakothek der Moderne
  • TedXTalk by Prof. Gordon Cheng


  • Street Science Festival, presentation by Prof. Cheng and Nao robot
  • Automatica Trade Fair, VR systems for a study for teaching robot everyday tasks together with the Collaborative Research Project EASE, Universität Bremen
  • Open Day at TUM, presentation of Nao robots and RoboCup@Home robot TIAGo


  • Kunstareal Festival, Pinakothek der Moderne, presentation of Nao robots
  • Togetthere Xperience for the 15th anniversary of the museum Pinakothek, presentation by Prof. Cheng



  • European Robotics Forum 2015, booths at exhibition, presentation of robot TOMM
  • Kunstareal Festival at Pinakothek der Moderne, presentation of Nao robots
  • Zukunftsrat der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, presentation of Nao robots
  • European Robotics Week Open Day at ICS laboratories, presentation of several robots
  • 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, booth at the exihibition with robot TOMM
  • Tag der Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, presentation of Robot H-1
  • International Robot Exhibition (iRex)


  • Automatica trade fair 2014, booth with robots ICub and robotic skin
  • Presentation at the Deutsche Museum for the European Robotics Week, presentation of Nao robots with robotic skin


  • Robots on Tour, Switzerland for the 25th anniversary of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) of the University of Zurich, ICS presented Maskbot and Gertie
  • Visit of French Proime Minster Jean-Marc Ayrault at TUM, presetnation of robotic skin and robot ICub
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), booth at exhibition with robot ICub