Master Theses

Markus Hörmann, B.Eng.

Physical-Layer Securiy for Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications in 5G Networks

Supervisor: Luis Torres-Figueroa, MSc.

Maruan Ibrahim, BSc.

Experimental Evaluation of Spatial Correlation in MIMO Systems

Supervisor: Luis Torres-Figueroa, MSc.

Florian Weber

Experimental Study of Radiation Properties and Latency of a MIMO Prototyping System

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Mönich

Johannes Voichtleitner

Implementation of a modular scheme for secure communication

Supervisor: Anna Frank, M.Sc.

Pooya Kangani

Topic in work

Supervisor: Alihan Kaplan, M.Sc.

Benjamin Zanger

Topic in work

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Janis Nötzel und Stephen Di Adamo, M.Sc.