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If you are interested in an engineering practice (B.Sc) or research practice (M.Sc) at our chair, please contact our staff directly.

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Bachelor's Theses / Master's Theses

Many interesting topics for bachelor's and master's theses never make it onto the website because they have already been assigned in advance. Therefore, please look at each staff member individually to see if they are working on projects in a subject area you find interesting and to see what student research projects they are currently supervising. Feel free to enquire directly with him/her about current topics!

Master Theses

Florian Weber

Experimental Study of Radiation Properties and Latency of a MIMO Prototyping System

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Mönich

Johannes Voichtleitner

Implementation of a modular scheme for secure communication

Supervisor: Anna Frank, M.Sc.

Pooya Kangani

Topic in work

Supervisor: Alihan Kaplan, M.Sc.

Benjamin Zanger

Topic in work

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Janis Nötzel und Stephen Di Adamo, M.Sc.

Master Theses

Maruan Ibrahim, BSc.

Experimental Evaluation of Spatial Correlation in MIMO Systems

Supervisor: Luis Torres-Figueroa, MSc.

Markus Hörmann, B.Eng.

Physical-Layer Securiy for Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications in 5G Networks

Supervisor: Luis Torres-Figueroa, MSc.

Kagan Akcay

Finite-Length Analysis of Wiretap Codes using Universal Hash Functions (September 2020)

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Moritz Wiese

Tammas Hakkel

Iteratively Reweighted Algorithms for Dynamic MRI (May 2020)

Supervisor: Claudio Verdun, M.Sc. - together with the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest

Thomas Weinberger

Non-Asymptotic Linear System Identification (September 2020)

Supervisor: Claudio Verdun, M.Sc.

Jakob Valtl

Number of contributors estimation in DNA-STR samples by artificial neural networks

Supervisor:  Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Mönich

Yannik Böck

Combinatorial Aspects of Entanglement-Assisted Zero-Error Coding (November 2019)

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Gisbert Janßen

Stephen Di Adamo

The Simultaneous Identification Capacity of the Classical-Quantum Multiple Access Channel (September 2018)

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Gisbert Janßen

Alexander Domanski

Secrecy and Stealth for Compound Wiretap Channels

Supervisor: Sebastian Johannes Baur

Johannes Großmann and Michael Koller

On Deformation Stability of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (August 2017)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Boche

Alihan Kaplan, B.Sc.

Finite Weyl-Heisenberg Groups in Covariance Estimation of Sparse Stochastic Operators (July 2017)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl

Mani Khavari

PUF-based authentication with a constraint on the number of challenge-response pairs (April 2017)

Supervisor:  Andrea Grigorescu Vlass, M.Sc. and Sebastian Baur, M.Sc.

Na Li

Phaseless signal recovery in spaces of analytic functions using inner-outer factorization (September 2016)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl

Sebastian Baur

Biometric Authentication Systems with Strong Secrecy (February 2016)

Supervisor:  Andrea Grigorescu, M.Sc.

Stephan Kaltenstadler

Entanglement Assisted Classical Capacity of Compound Quantum Channels (November 2015)

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Gisbert Janßen

Anna Frank

A special case of the wiretap channel II with an active eavesdropper (September 2015)

Supervisor: Dr. Harutyun Aydinyan

Çağkan Yapar

Compressive Phase Retrieval in Finite and Infinite Dimensional Spaces (July 2015)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl

Andrea Grigorescu

Robust Biometric Authentication and Secure Message Transmission (February 2015)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Boche

Fanny Yang

Signal Reconstruction from Magnitude Measurements in Infinite Dimensional Spaces (July 2013)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl

Sadaf Pirhadi

Capacity Region of Compound Gaussian MAC with Partial Channel State Information and Partial Cooperation (September 2012)

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Moritz Wiese

Bachelor Theses

Ezra Tampubolon

Sampling and Reconstruction in Redundant Shift-invariant Spaces (October 2012)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl