Student Work

Ingenieurspraxis / Forschungspraxis

Gewünschter Starttermin
Validation and Application of the Recommendation System Based Opinion Dynamics Model M.Eng. Yuhong Chen                                                    WS22/23                                             
One-Step Backward Data Informed Reinforcement Learning for Feedback Motion Planning        M.Sc. Cong Li                                                                                                                                  
Development of a Nonlinear Observer for a Crop Model M.Sc. Michael Fink, M.Sc. Annalena Daniels 13.01.2022
Development of a Watering System and Actuator Control for a Plant Station M.Sc. Michael Fink, M.Sc. Annalena Daniels 14.02.2022




Before you can start your Bachelor or Master thesis, you need to get the "Zulassungsbescheid" from Studiendekanat and hand this in to your supervisor.

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