adveisor - FAQ


adveisor is the soft skill program for electrical engineers at the TUM. Within this program, students of higher semester - the adveisors - propagate their knowledge on various soft skill topics (e.g. project management, conflict management, public speaking, effective communication) to freshmen - the adveisees. With this knowledge the adveisees are faced an electrical engineering project, which they have to tackle on their own in the adjacent semester.

In the winter semester, small groups will attend workshops organized and held by students of higher semesters (adveisors). Soft skill topics such as rhetoric, feedback or stress management play a central role within these sessions. During the winter term, the adveisee team develops a project plan tackling a dedicated electrical project and present it to a jury consisting of professors and TUM-employees. Based on the feedback of the jury, the project plan is refined by the teams. In the following summer semester, the focus is on the realization and implementation of the project plan into practice. At the end of the summer term, all teams will present their results at a public final event and let their projects compete against each other.

We are often asked whether the "ei" in adveisor is a misspelling. No, of course not! The "ei" stands for our department EI - "Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik" (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

The torch in the program adveisor is symbolic for the knowledge and experience that will be propagated like an Olympic fire and for entitlement to educate young people in a way that they will go ahead as shining example in working life.


All freshmen of the Bachelor program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TUM.

All students of the Bachelor program (at least second semester) or Master's program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

No, for the participation as adveisor you must not have been an adveisee.

The program always starts in the winter semester and extends to the end of the following summer semester. Therefore, the adveisor training and tutorial lasts about one year.

Not later than Tuesday after application deadline you will receive an acceptance or rejection notification.

Participation as adveisee

The workshops take place weekly in the first semester. We try to offer two different workshop appointments on each working day. At the kickoff meeting you opt in for any of the appointment dates. This date remains the same during the whole semester and also determines the grouping. Unfortunately, we can only take lectures and central exercises into account when offering appointments.

No, you opt in for an appointment and thus a fixed adveisor. A change is not possible, since each adveisor designs his workshop individually with a unique character and ordering of topics.

In the first semester you visit the weekly workshop. In addition, you create an individual project plan together with your adveisee group, which you will present at the end of the first semester.

In the second semester you implement your project. Commonly, these tasks are tackled in self-organized group meetings. Additionally, five meetings (including 3 milestone meetings) with your adveisor support your project progress.

The participation as adveisee is the entrance to more...


...experiences. friendships.

...learning groups.

...technical practice. of studying.

...generic competences.

Work as adveisor

During the winter semester, the adveisors organize and carry out workshops on topics from the field of soft skills for their adveisee group. In order to be prepared for this, all adveisors are trained beforehand by two professional coaches within seminars.

In the summer semester each adveisor accompanies his/her group during the realization phase of their project. In addition to the group support, every adveisor has to take care of an individual area of responsibility concerning the whole adveisor program. Examples include the areas PR and program coordination. During an adveisor year, various events have to be organized, such as kickoffs, an adveisor generation meeting or the final event. The adveisors are responsible for the realization and organization of those events.

Most of the seminars will be held in the semester break.

As adveisor one attends 4+1 seminars. A rough guide is given below:

  • Module I:   Right before the start of the lecture period of the winter term (4 days)
  • Module II:  On a weekend right at the begin of the winter term (3 days)
  • Module III: Before the start of the lecture period of the summer term (4 days)
  • Module IV: On a working day during the summer semester (1 day)
  • PM-Seminar: On a Saturday in November (1 day)

The 500€ salary will be paid in the summer semester.

Study Services

The program adveisor is a "Vertiefendes Wahlmodul" for freshmen students and covers 5 ECTS within this module.

The module "adveisor Training" corresponds to a workload of 6 ECTS, which can be applied as "Fächerübergreifende Ingenieursqualifikationen" (interdisciplinary engineering qualifications) during bachelor studies. Thus adveisor alone covers all the required credits within this module.

In the master's program, adveisor's 6 ECTS can be applied in the module "Außerfachliche Ergänzung", if it has not been applied during the bachelor studies.