2023 Workshop on Quantum Wireless Campus Network (QD-CamNetz)

The Kick-Off Meeting of the BMBF-Project QD-CamNetz will take place at February 15th 2023 at the TUM in Munich.

Location: Theresienstr. 90, Building N4, Room N2407 and N2408


Riccardo Bassoli (TUD), Christian Deppe (TUM), Janis Nötzel (TUM)


The BMBF Quantum Wireless Campus Network (QD-CamNetz) project aims at demonstrating the first 5G quantum campus network. Quantum technologies will be seamlessly integrated into the existing 5G campus network to achieve unprecedented resilience and time synchronization, which are the pillars of future Industry 4.0, tactile internet and future 6G networks. To this end, quantum routers compatible with existing communication infrastructure will be developed and realized for use outside the laboratory. The entire quantum protocol stack will be researched and developed, which regulates the communication between quantum routers and provides functions for applications. The associated network architecture must be developed and implemented. The goal is a test platform for testing real industrial application examples.

Official project page of the BMBF.


9.00am               Welcoming Coffee
9.30am               Opening presentation about BMBF framework characteristics and guidelines.
                           Dirk Ziemann (BMBF)
9.45am               Presentation of the general view of quantum roadmap/vision of TUD-TUM projects.
                           Holger Boche (TU München), Frank H. P. Fitzek (TU Dresden)
10.00am             Presentation of project structure and objectives.
                           Riccardo Bassoli (TU Dresden)
10.30am             Coffee break
10.50am             AP1 – AP leader Holger Boche (TU München)
11.10am             AP2 – AP leader Christian Deppe (TU München)
11.30am             AP3 – AP leader Frank Fitzek, Riccardo Bassoli (TU Dresden)
11.50am             AP4 – AP leader Marc Geitz (Deutsche Telekom)
12.10pm             AP5 – AP leader Caspar Hopfmann (IFW Dresden)
12.30pm             Lunch break
01.30pm             AP6 – AP leader Janis Nötzel (TU München)
01.50pm             AP7 – AP leader Frank Fitzek, Riccardo Bassoli (TU Dresden)
02.10pm             Associated Partner – Florian Otto (attocube systems AG)
02.30pm             Coffee break
03.00pm             Closing remarks and open discussion.
03.40pm             End of the meeting.


Project Leaders

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Boche, TUM
Dr.-Math. Christian Deppe, TUM
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Frank H. P. Fitzek, TU Dresden (Coordination)
Dr. rer. nat. Janis Nötzel, TUM
Dr. rer. nat. Caspar Hopfmann,  Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung Dresden
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Thomas Höschele, CampusGenius GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Holschke, Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Labs
Dr. rer. nat. Florian Otto, attocube systems AG

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