2023 Workshop on Quantum Physical Layer Service Integration (QuaPhySI)

The Kick-Off Meeting of the BMBF-Project QuaPhySI will take place at February 14th 2023 at the TUM in Munich.

Location: Theresienstr. 90, Building N4, Room N2408 and N2407


Christian Deppe (TUM), Janis Nötzel (TUM)


The BMBF Quantum Physical Layer Service Integration (QuaPhySI) project researches quantum bridging technologies with application potential for future generations of communication networks and towards the quantum internet. For this purpose, a holistic concept for a network architecture based on Physical Layer Service Integration (PLSI) will be designed. The compatibility with 6G networks will be ensured. The concept will be made accessible and evaluated by emulating the entire quantum-classical network protocol stack. Concrete building blocks of the roadmap are Entanglement-Assisted Data Transmission (ED) and Oblivious Transfer (OT). The project addresses secure and efficient quantum-classical communication networks, also considering quantum-classical error-correcting procedures for reliability. 

Official project page of the BMBF.


09:00                 Coffee and informal meeting
09:30 - 11:00     QuaPhySI goals according to GVB:
                          Short summary talks (10 minutes each)
                          providing a summary of QuaPhySI and individual project goals
11:00                 Coffee break
                          - discussion of collaboration opportunities
                          - pros and cons of having further associated industry partners
                          - tuning of added aspects for talks in the 13:00 -- 15:00 slot

12:30                Lunch

13:00               Scientific talks, demos, taking into account the previously identified points of mutual interest
                        identification of next steps for fundamental research, review articles and software
15:00               Industry presentations
16:00               Discussion: Further associated industry partners
17:00               End

19:00               Joint dinner (self-payment)


Project Leaders

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Boche, TUM
Dr.-Math. Christian Deppe, TUM
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Frank H. P. Fitzek, TU Dresden
Prof. Dr. Peter van Loock, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Dr. rer. nat. Janis Nötzel, TUM

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