Vorträge am 29.09.2023

Master's Thesis, Aktuelles, Bachelor's Thesis, Ingenieurpraxis, Luca Sacchetto, Stefan Röhrl, Sven Gronauer |

Abschlussseminar am Freitag, den 29.09.2023 um 8:30 Uhr via Zoom


Using generative AI for generating images to depict novel ideas
Vortragende/r: Ahmed Hammami
Betreuer:in: Veronika Gamper (WeDaVinci)

Kubernetes Cluster and Deployment Administration
Vortragende/r: Felix Fehlauer
Betreuer:in: Stefan Röhrl

Federated Learning for Offline Reinforcement Agents
Vortragende/r: Matthias Emde
Betreuer:in: Sven Gronauer

Multi-Modal Synthetic Data Generation for 3D Object Detection
Vortragende/r: Kevin Tong Yan
Betreuer:in: Sacchetto / Dipl. Ing. Christian Freystein (Bertrandt AG)

Vortragende/r: Kartal Kaan Bozdogan
Betreuer:in: David Dohmen (Ocell)

Functionality-grounded Evaluation Metric of Model-Agnostic Explanation in Medical Imaging
Vortragende/r: Ivan Hartono
Betreuer:in: Nawal Hafez, Stefan Röhrl

Towards human-centered forecasting software: How to Make Time-Series Forecasting More Accessible for Non-Experts?
Vortragende/r: Richard Stromer
Betreuer:in: Charlotte Kobiella, Oskar Triebe (CDTM + Stanford University)

Al-Driven Qualitative Analysis: A Meta-Study on Leveraging generative Al to lnvestigate the Potential of Al in Innovation Management Processes
Vortragende/r: Timon Hajek
Betreuer:in: Veronika Gamper

Information retrieval for leveraging external knowledge in generative language models within an ideation context.
Vortragende/r: Mohamed Ali Hammami
Betreuer:in: Veronika Gamper (WeDaVinci)