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Research Interests

Securing embedded systems against network and local attacks. This covers the field of physical unclonable functions and their quality assessment, sources of randomness and software protection.

Former interests lay within power electronics, with a focus on renewable energy.



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Embedded Systems and Security from WS14/15 to WS18/19

Guest lecture in Physical Unclonable Functions from SS18 to SS19

Supervised Theses

Martin Radev: Evaluation of Physical Unclonable Functions using Modern Compression Algorithms, Interdisciplinary Project, May 2020

Florian Daxer: Implementation of a Built-in Self Test for PUFs, Bachelor's Thesis, November 2019

Iheb Maddouri: Design and Implementation of a Heating Controller for an FPGA Evaluation Board, Bachelor's Thesis, November 2019

Friederike Groschupp: Development of a PUF-based KEY-Storage module on ARM-Microcontroller, Interdisciplinary Project, June 2019 (together with Michael Pehl)

Shaofeng Yu: Evaluation of Compression Algorithms for Unpredictability Testing of PUFs, Forschungspraxis, May 2019

Sebastian Englbrecht: Design of a Custom PCB for Large-Scale PUF Experiments, Master's Thesis, March 2019

Christian Dietz: Sensitivitätsanalyse zu PUF Metriken, Ingenieurpraxis für Mathematiker, October 2018

Robert Sander: Large-Scale Analysis of a Novel Bit-Extraction Scheme for Ring-Oscillator PUFs, Bachelor's Thesis, March 2018

Bettina Weinholtz: A Julia Testing Framework for Applying Randomness Tests on Physically Uncloneable Functions, Interdisciplinary Project, March 2018

Catarina Falcao: Empowering SensorTags for PUF Behaviour, Bachelor's Thesis, September 2017 (together with Johanna Sepulveda)

Tang Jie Choong: Lattice FPGAs for PUF Applications, Bachelor's Thesis, December 2016

Alexander Dehos: A Novel Bit Extractor for Ring-Oscillator PUFs, Bachelor's Thesis, September 2016

Mohammad El-Khozondar: Analysis of the Influence of FPGA-configurations on Physical Unclonable Functions, Master's Thesis, September 2016 (together with Michael Pehl)

Marco Falke: Applying NIST Tests on PUFs, Forschungspraxis, June 2016 (together with Michael Pehl)

Raimund Zille: Implementation of a PUF quality assessment tool, Bachelor's Thesis, October 2015

Bradigto Goh li du: Framework for automated read-out of SRAM start-up values on a Cortex-M4 evaluation board, Bachelor's Thesis, June 2015

Open Topics

I currently do no accept any new supervision responsibilities.