Curriculum Vitae

Arne Peters studied computational visualistics at the University of Koblenz from 2010 to 2016. He wrote his Master's thesis on Detection of Unknown, Convex Objects in multi-view RGB-D Data at KUKA robotics in Augsburg. After reaching his M.Sc. degree he joined the Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Systems at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where he is currently researching on computer vision for robotic application. While his works include navigation and manipulation, motion planning, 3D reconstruction and human-robot interaction, his major focus lies on the developing self-calibrating systems, aiming to bring robots one step closer to full autonomy.


Open Thesis Topics
Topic Type
Using Renyi Entropy for Extrinsic Calibration of a Laser Scanner on a Robot Arm Master's Thesis
Undistorting Scans of a Moving 3d Laser Sensor Using Squared Renyi Entropy Master's Thesis
Benchmarking Different Approaches for Calibrating a Laser Scanner to a Robot Arm Bachelor's / Master's Thesis


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Completed and Ongoing Theses
Title Author Submission Type
Calibration of a Robotic Arm Using Optical Motion Capturing Kai-Fabian Treder 2021 Bachelor's Thesis
Precise 3D position and orientation estimation of dynamic objects using an observer LiDAR Simon Weigl 2020 Master's Thesis
Egomotion estimation and correction for a directional single beam LiDAR Mykolas Gustas 2020 Master's Thesis
Automated Testing for the OpenCall Web-platform Jörn von Henning 2019 Bachelor's Thesis
Enhanced Strategies for Handling Fleets in Constrained Environments Natalie Reppekus 2018 Master's Thesis
Implementation of a GPS Based Safety and Controller Test Environment Ashwath Narayan Murali 2018 Master's Thesis
Weighting of various driving behaviors using artificial intelligence methods Anna Mittermair 2017 Bachelor's Thesis
Leg Detection and Tracking in 2D Depth Data Bianca Forkel 2016 Bachelor's Thesis


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