Connected Mobility Doctoral Seminar: April 2019

April 2–3, 2019
Salzburg, Austria

Venue: NH City Hotel, Franz-Josef-Straße 26 

Organizers: Ljubica Kärkkäinen and Christine Lissner



April 2


Welcome and introduction

Session 1: Intros and dissertation topic presentations 

  • Pegah Torkamandi, 5'
  • Ayguen Baltaci, “Seamless and Reliable Connectivity for Urban Air Mobility (UAM)”, 10'
  • Monika Wintergerst: “Enable 2.0: Natural Language Processing in the Service of Healthy Nutrition”, 15'
  • Bernhard Häfner: “A Communication Architecture for Connected Automated Vehicles”, 15'
11:00Session 2: Network measurements 
  • Stefan Neumeier: “Towards a Testbed for Tele-operated Driving”, 30' (25' talk + 5' Q&A)
  • Alemnew Asrese: “Measuring Web QoE in Cellular Networks”, 30'
  • Ermias Walelgne: “Characterizing Data Usage Pattern and User Behavior in a Vast Cellular Network, 30'
12:30Lunch (at the hotel)
14:00Bachelor thesis presentation
  • Simon Zelenski: “Design and Evaluation of a Wi-Fi Testbed”, 30'
14:30Session 3: Status updates; ongoing & future work
  • Gerhard Hagerer: “First Studies on Transfer Learning for Opinion Mining on Social Media Comments about Organic Food”, 20' (15' talk + 5' Q&A)
  • Leonardo Tonetto: TBA. 20'
  • Viet Doan: “How Do I Get Content?” 20'
  • Vittorio Cozzolino: TBA. 20'
16:00Session 4: Recommender systems and mobility
  • Daniel Herzog: “Recommending Sequences of POIs to Groups of Users - Results of a User Study with 120 participants”, 30'
  • Linus Dietz: “Applications of Traveler Mobility Analysis for Travel Recommender Systems”, 30'
  • Ljubica Kärkkäinen: ViM Project Update, 30'
17:30Interim for an afternoon break or a short brainstorming session
18:30Evening activities
  • Walk to the restaurant
  • Dinner at Raschhofer Herrnau Brew and Cook


April 3


9:00Plenum discussion: Joint teaching portfolio, collaboration, living-lab ideas, prospective projects 
10:30Continued discussion
11:30Conclusion, action plans and closing remarks
12:00Lunch break activities
13:30Walk to the fortress 
14:00Guided tour of Hohensalzburg Fortress including a cable railway ride and a visit to the museum
15:30Walk to the train station (luggage retrieval from the hotel on the way) 
17:00Travel to Munich


Getting there and back

Travel to Salzburg

Participants who travel from Munich meet at the central station (München Hbf) at the platform of track 15 at 7:05. The group takes the RJX 61 train at 7:21 and arrives to Salzburg Hbf at 8:58. From the train station, it takes 15 minutes by foot to reach the hotel.

Travel to Munich

After the guided tour of the fortress, we walk back to the hotel where we collect luggage, then continue towards the train station. We take the RJX 64 train, which departs from Salzburg at 17:00 and arrives in Munich at 18:37.



  • Asrese Alemnew
  • Baltaci Ayguen
  • Butarev Arthur
  • Cozzolino Vittorio
  • Dietz Linus
  • Doan Viet
  • Groh Georg
  • Gerostathopoulos Ilias
  • Häfner Bernhard
  • Hagerer Gerhard
  • Herzog Daniel
  • Kärkkäinen Ljubica
  • Kärkkäinen Teemu
  • Lissner Christine
  • Neumeier Stefan
  • Ott Jörg
  • Tonetto Leonardo
  • Torkamandi Pegah
  • Vorwerk Lukas
  • Walelgne Ermias
  • Wintergerst Monika
  • Wörndl Wolfgang
  • Zelenski Simon