M.Sc. Anshul Jindal

Technische Universität München Informatik 10

Lehrstuhl für Rechnerarchitektur & Parallele Systeme (Prof. Schulz)

Boltzmannstr. 3 85748

Garching b. München

Email: anshul.jindal[at]tum.de

Room: 01.04.057

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Research Interests

  • Resource management of Containers.
  • Performance Modeling of Microservices.
  • Autoscaling (Kubernetes HPA, AWS Autoscaling).
  • Anomalies detection, root cause analysis and predictive maintenance for Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Functions scheduling on hetrogenous platforms in a FaaS cluster. 





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  • [2022, Accepted]  Christopher Smith, Anshul Jindal, Mohak Chadha, and Michael Gerndt. "FaDO: FaaS Functions and Data Orchestrator for Multiple Serverless Edge-Cloud Clusters " 2022 IEEE 6th International Conference on Fog and Edge Computing (ICFEC), 2022
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  • [ 2019, Patent ] Singh, Vikram, Anshul Jindal, Saurabh Pradeep Bondarde, and Aishwarya Ravichandran. "System and method of orchestrating execution of commands in a non-volatile memory express (NVMe) device." U.S. Patent 10,372,376, issued August 6, 2019. Link
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  • [2022] Markus Steinbach, Anshul Jindal, Mohak Chadha, Michael Gerndt, Shajulin Benedict (2022). TppFaaS: Modeling Serverless Functions Invocations via Temporal Point Processes. IEEE Access 2022; 1-26 Link
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Work Experience

  • [ August 2021 - October 2021 ] Internship at Huawei Munich Research Center. Involved in research for EdgeAI with focus on splitting and early exiting the DNN models across edge and cloud layers. 
  • [ March 2017 - November 2018 ] Student assistant at the Chair of Computer Architecture & Parallel Systems, TUM
  • [ July 2014 -  August 2016 ] Senior Software Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore India. Involved in the design and development of the firmware for PCIe based NVMe Solid State Drives which includes the development of Reservation and Virtualization feature (SR-IOV) for a multifunction/ multi controller architecture based Solid state drive (Samsung SSD, PM1725).




Supervised Students

Title GR/BA/MA Name Status Link
Framework for Performance Regression Evaluation of Serverless Applications MA Mohammed, Hady Expected, July 2022  
Orchestrating Serverless Functions on Edge-Cloud Infrastructure based on KubeEdge BA Eisner, Max Completed, April 2022 Thesis
Economics of Serverless Computing: An empirical study for analyzing the incurred cost in serverless computing GR Ekaputra, Joshua Completed, April 2022  
Comparison of Anomaly Detection Frameworks for Time-Series data from Car Monitoring MA Stapfner, Marko Completed, Mar 2022 Thesis

Data-Aware function scheduling on a multi-serverless platform


Smith, Christopher Peter 

Completed, Jan 2022 Thesis

Secure Anomaly Detection on Serverless Edge Computing


Hakobyan Astghik 

Completed, Jan 2022 Thesis
Modeling function invocations in FaaS via temporal point processes MA

Steinbach, Markus 

Completed, Nov 2021 Thesis, Paper
Extending Serverless Computing for Heterogeneous Edge Devices MA Pagliuca, Riccardo Completed, Nov 2021 Thesis

Self-adaptive memory allocation for FaaS functions 


Zubko, Tetiana 

Completed, Oct 2021 ThesisPaper
Defining SLOs for FaaS functions in serverless computing MA Safaryan, Gor Completed, Sep 2021 Thesis
Communication-Efficient edge inference over LoRa Network MA Parala, Gurudeep Completed, Sep 2021  
An Empirical Study of Containerized CI/CD pipelines for OpenWhisk Serverless applications MA Kumar, Raj Completed, June 2021 Thesis
AI on the Edge BA Baller, Stephan Completed, April 2021 ThesisPaper
Computation Aware Functions Placement in Heterogeneous FaaS Platforms MA

Frielinghaus, Julian 

Completed, Jan 2021 Thesis
Self-Adaptive Data Management for Heterogeneous FaaS Platforms MA Possani, Lucas Completed,  Dec 2020 Thesis
Performance Modeling of Application Functions on Heterogeneous FaaS Platforms MA Chidambaram, Muthuraman Completed,  Dec 2020  
Scalable Workload Characterization for the Google Cluster Dataset BA Loo van, Thomas Completed,  Dec 2020 Paper
Methodology to Migrate Enterprise-based Monolithic Application to Microservices Architecture MA Chen-Fu, Fan Completed, Nov 2019 Paper
Resource management evaluation of container runtimes BA Lennart Espe Completed, Jul 2019 Thesis, Paper
Priority based Container Resource Management for Microservice Applications in the Cloud BA Marko Stapfner Completed, Jul 2019